Recycling 4 Our Pets

WANTED2nd Chances Thrift Store wants all of your fabric and electronic cast-offs, especially the stuff that would normally be thrown in the garbage. Any old clothes, bedding, curtains, towels- right down to the dishrag at your kitchen sink that seems to have no future option- can be donated, recycled and re-manufactured for other uses. Any outdated or broken electronic items, regardless of the condition, are wanted by 2nd Chances Thrift Store too. If it plugs into an electrical outlet, it can be donated for recycling. This keeps it out of our burgeoning landfills and all the proceeds go to care for the Chautauqua County Humane Society's sheltered animals.

NEW! We want all unwanted shoes with no holes in them now too!

Landfills and pets are saved when you donate your unwanted items to 2nd Chances!