Pennies 4 Paws


                                                                         "Every Penny Counts!"

About Pennies 4 Paws
The Chautauqua County Humane Society is kicking off our 12th Annual Pennies 4 Paws campaign. This year’s campaign will run from February 12 through the end of April and benefited the animals in our care significantly, by providing significant animal care and rehabilitation to those that need a little extra love. 

In 2017, CCHS took in 1,614 animals that came with a variety of needs including food, shelter, medical care, training supplies, and love, CCHS bears the financial burden that arises from the cost of these services.  

All of the animals that enter our facility are in need of something. It could be a home; it could be some food; it could be a life-saving surgery; it could be a second chance. They are cared for in a way that would represent an animal of your own, caring for these animals can add up. When it comes to the care of our animals here at CCHS, every penny truly counts. 

 How You Can Help
We invite our local schools, social organizations and individuals to join us in our efforts to offset the costs of these life-changing services to better prepare our animals for adoption. Our goal is set at 2.3 million pennies (or $23,000) and the proceeds will go directly to the animals that rely on CCHS. 

Donate right now by visiting our donation page, or you can share our QR code on office newsletters, school newspapers, church newsletters and more:

Although pennies are the most common, any type of monetary contribution or fundraising during this time can help! We have had many contributions made from bake sales, Hat Days, pop bottle/can drives and more. You can be creative or you can ask for ideas on how your organization can help. Every penny supports our mission regardless of where it comes from.

Thanks to our sponsors (Click the image to learn more about our great sponsors!):










If you know you would like to participate, please contact our Community Relations person to be added to the list by calling 716-665-2209 ext 213 or by emailing