Investigating Cruelty

If animal cruelty is suspected, residents should call their local police department. Once investigated, if the situation is found to be authentic, the Humane Society will assist in the aftermath. 


Acts of violence or neglect perpetrated against animals are considered animal cruelty.

The following guidelines will help you recognize cruelty:

 All animals require shelter from the rain, snow, wind and sun. Shelter is any structure that is of adequate size for the breed, size of the animals that will keep the animal out of the elements.

 All animals require necessary veterinary care. Necessary veterinary care is that which is required to treat illness or injuries. This would also include grooming issues; i.e. matted hair, long nails, etc.

 All animals require living conditions that are free of debris, and waste should be removed routinely.

 All animals require necessary drink and sustenance. Water and food must be provided in amounts sufficient to maintain weight and hydration.

 No animal can be abandoned. This means left in a residence, thrown from a vehicle, or turned loose. If a person hits a cat or dog with a car, law obligates them to report it to the owner, the police, or the SPCA.

• All animals, whether wild or tame, that are unjustifiably killed, injured or beaten.

The above information is only a guide. If you witness or hear about animal cruelty taking place, do not hesitate to call and discuss the situation with us for guidance.

By getting involved, you can make a difference.